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Scanner Bonanza, Part 1: Point and Click Collab and Ghost Story

For a few years now, I have been too lazy to figure out how to operate my old obnoxious scanner, and just took low quality photos of my sketches instead. Recently, I took the time to actually set up my new printer/scanner, and then scan in anything that wasn't 100% embarrassingly bad (there was a lot of it) that I've drawn since my last scanning session. It resulted in almost 100 images.

I'm currently in the process of combining and resizing those images, but I've subdivided them into subject matter so they can be more easily tackled. This will also allow me to post them in batches, since there's just too much to shove in one post.

Most of these have already appeared in my journal in photo booth snapshot form, so my apologies if very little of this is actually new to anyone. I've also discovered that I really really REALLY need to buck up and force myself to draw anything below the shoulders, because 95% of this is all bust sketches.

With all that said, here's my first batch of sketches. My commentary gets pretty long, so feel free to ignore and just look at the sketches.

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Chris <3

Renerra uploads: #1

I'm not sure if anyone but Sfé and Jenny will want to read these (and Jenny has already read what will be the first four posts), but I've decided to start doing this for those two and anyone else who may be interested. "This" refers to posting Renerra (a story I've been kicking around for 7 years now, including two aborted drafts) bit by bit as I write it. My Creative Writing Capstone requires me to write 40 pages of novel by the end of the semester, and I have now committed to using Renerra for that project, so I will have no choice but to be 40 pages in by the end of April.

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Chris <3

Decemberwe'en gift for Sfé!

Okay kids, I totally failed at holiday gifts this year, whoops! All I've managed to finish so far is Sfé's, but this does not mean that only Sfé will get one, oh no! I've just been uber busy, since I had two weeks of school in overdrive and then a week full of holiday prep (True story: My family hosts a holiday party at our house on Christmas Eve for one side of the family, and then another on Christmas day for the other. BUSY TIMES.) I do intend to give other lovely folks gifts, but some of them may be kind of small because I want to limit the lateness here, and it turns out even flat-colored pictures take me ages.


PS: Look at the awesome gift icon Sfé gave me! Aw, xe's the best.
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Anderson and Shelby prose-bits

For my CW class, I wrote a short story involving Howie's (does anyone remember Howie?) girlfriend Shelby and her room-mate and best friend Anderson. The entire story is 16 pages, and anyone who wants to is welcome to read the whole thing if they ask. Otherwise, I've included a few little slices of it below the cut. If you only have time for one of them, feel free to pick and choose.

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Dr. Horrible

Would anyone lend a hand to help out a friend?

Hi everyone,

Andrea Wilhelm, a friend of mine from Miami University, just found out that her $23,000 loan for the school year wasn't renewed. Without it, she can't afford another semester's tuition. One of her friends has set up a website to collect donations to help her out, and he's asking all of her friends to donate a dollar and then spread the word to their friends and family.

All that we ask is that anyone who can afford to do so donate a single dollar to the cause. If we get enough people, she might have a shot at staying in school. I can personally say that Andrea is one of the most dedicated and hard-working students I've ever met, and a really lovely person all around. She's juggling two incredibly time-consuming majors with a slew of other activities, and she manages to stay on top of it all in a way that I doubt I could ever manage. If any of you would be generous enough to donate a dollar and help her out, you would have my infinite gratitude.

I figure that most of the people who read this (or my emails, facebook messages, twitter posts etc.) won't respond or donate, but if just one helps out, then it's all worth it. If you're willing to lend a hand, the website is:

Thanks again, everyone! Hope you've been having a great summer, and a great life.


PS: That website one more time:
Me &amp; Norm

Ghost Story sketches

I decided to do a few Ghost Story sketches, because clearly the best thing to do would be to sketch for something I don't even intend on starting for at least another 4 months. Obviously.

No Orson or Deb, because I already did a few of them a month or two ago for refs. The others are just catching up. PS: It turns out Myra/Portia/whatever-I-name-her and Jephthah are hard to draw. Also, I'm still fiddling with Seth's design, which is why it's a bit different (though not hugely so) than the last one.